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Chord charts for Hezekiah Walker: Azusa The Next Generation

Charts available featuring...
"Every Praise"
Hezekiah Walker

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Citipointe Live: Into The Deep (Live)

Citipointe Live: Into The Deep (Live)

"When you stand in the shallows of the ocean, you have to fight with the waves for control, but when you are fully immersed you become one with them. The Holy Spirit is the same; full immersion is the only way, a life lived in complete surrender to the waves of His beautiful love. We pray this album takes you to depths you've never been before."

This live album was released on March 31, 2016.

Song Title Artist / CD Key Charts
Into The Deep
Into The Deep Citipointe Live: Into The Deep (Live)
Jesus Is Your Name
Jesus Is Your Name Citipointe Live: Into The Deep (Live)