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Chord charts for Jesus Culture: Living With A Fire

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Jesus Culture

Chord Chart Packages

Do you need quality worship chord charts, but just not frequent enough to justify a monthly subscription? We have a solution for you! You can purchase one of the packages below, which give you the ability to download (or import on the iPad) our chord charts with a one-time purchase! You have one full year to utilize your download access. So, for example, you could get a 25 chart package and download 5 songs today. Then you still have 20 more downloads that you can do anytime within the following year. If you'd like to first see an example of our chord chart quality, check out our currently available Free Chart!

3 Chart
only $1.33/chart!
PDF / OnSong / Power Music /
SongSheet Pro Chord Charts *
3 Chart Downloads  †
Worship Blogs Access
10 Chart
only $1.10/chart!
PDF / OnSong / Power Music /
SongSheet Pro Chord Charts *
10 Chart Downloads †
1 Chart Request ‡
Worship Blogs Access
25 Chart
only $1.08/chart!
PDF / OnSong / Power Music /
SongSheet Pro Chord Charts *
25 Chart Downloads †
2 Chart Requests ‡
Worship Blogs Access

The Load Me Up Package - 100 Chord Charts for $100


*OnSong, Power Music, and SongSheet Pro formatted chord charts are to be used within these apps for iPad and iPhone. They are imported directly within the apps using your WorshipReady account login. You can also choose to download an .onsong file from our website and manually import it into either app, although the direct import is best and easiest.

† Downloads are counted by individual actions, not by song. So, for example, if you download an OnSong file and also a PDF, this would be counted as TWO (2) downloads... even if it is the same song.

Chart requests are your ability to have us create a worship chord chart for you that is not yet available on our site. The requested chart would count towards your downloads once you download it. You can request however many charts you want, and they will be added to a queue and created as we're able to, but not within a specified timeframe. HOWEVER, this stated chart limit is how many charts that you can pay to expedite with your package, meaning you'll get them within 2 business days. If you need more than the limit, you can pay an additional fee to expedite more.