Where Are The Elijahs of God?

Written by Michael Kreps on Sunday, 01 April 2012. Posted in Blogs

In 1 Kings, chapter 18, we find where Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal; but before he challenged the prophets, HE CHALLENGED THE PEOPLE! "How long will ye halt between two opinions?" The word "halt" means "to be lame". The people were stuck between two opinions. They were trying to serve God and the world; they were trying to worship God and devils at the same time. IT NEVER HAS WORKED AND IT NEVER WILL! Elijah was calling the nation to repentance. Their country was experiencing drought and famine because of the idolatry of the people and the wickedness of their leaders. The United States is in much the same situation today. "...Lo, (we) have rejected the Word of the Lord; and what wisdom is in (us)?" Jeremiah 8:9

Much of the church today is lame because it is trying to serve God and the devil. We have compromised to "fit in" when we should have been committed to STAND OUT! It is time for all of us to make a decision: If the Lord be God, then follow Him; and if the devil, then follow him. Elijah gave forth the challenge that the god who would answer by fire is the True God! Where are the Elijah's of God today who will stand up in the face of the enemy and his lies and challenge the people to serve the True and Living God?

Before the fire came, the altar of God had to be repaired. It was broken down from neglect and lack of use. The altar is a place of sacrifice and a place of worship. Our God is looking for genuine sacrifice and true worship from the hearts and hands of His people. Repentance is always the first step of GENUINE REVIVAL! Then Elijah put everything in order - just the way God had told him. What is there in our lives that needs to be put back in order - the way God has shown us in His Word? What is there in the church that needs to be put back in order - the way God has shown us in His Word?

When everything was ready, then Elijah called upon the Lord and He answered with fire! The fire was so great that it consumed the sacrifice; the wood; the stones of the altar; the dust; and the water that was in the trench! There is a repentance, a dedication, and a consecration that must take place on our parts for the fire of God to come. The fire of God will purge and purify us. It will burn up everything that represents the works of our hands, and consume the filth of our flesh. Once that has happened then the rains will come! O' believer where are you? Do you long to be an Elijah of God? The world is waiting; the church is waiting; your family is waiting; your friends are waiting. When will we stand up? When will we challenge the darkness that blinds so many? O' that the fire COULD fall so that the fire WOULD fall! WHERE ARE THE ELIJAHS OF GOD?

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Michael Kreps

Michael Kreps

At 21 years of age, Michael Kreps was the last member of a rock-n-roll band to get saved. Immediately he knew that Jesus was "what" he had been looking for all along. From that time forward he began to pursue God's call on his life. Musically, the band now used their talents to share the message of Jesus Christ, traveling extensively in Indiana and parts of Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio, ministering in churches, coffee houses, city parks, shopping malls, and whatever opportunities the Lord opened up. In addition to this, Michael also became very involved in the local church which allowed him to grow in many aspects of ministry including: Sunday school teacher, children's church worker, youth leader, musician, deacon, associate pastor, and senior pastor. Officially ordained in 1984, Michael has ministered both at home and abroad and has a passion to see the local church rise up and actively engage our culture with the Truth of the Gospel and its relevancy to every area of our lives TODAY! Currently he is engaged in a traveling ministry dedicated to building up the body of Christ by sharing the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to change and transform people's lives.

Michael is happily married to his wife Donna. They have six children and five grand-children (with two more on the way!). They reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.