REVIEW of Planetshakers: Endless Praise

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REVIEW of Planetshakers: Endless Praise

We at were very excited for the new Planetshakers "Endless Praise" Live CD to be released on March 11, 2014! We are big Planetshakers fans, and as worship leaders ourselves, we have regularly used some of their material in our church. I was pleasantly surprised myself though as I found the majority of this large song collection (14 new songs!) is very congregation-friendly! I didn't find their previous CD to be as user-friendly, so this was great... and I can't seem to stop listening to this new project!

"Endless Praise" is the next in a long 15-year string of Planetshakers recording projects, this one being recorded LIVE at the Awakening Conference in Melbourne, Australia. It was put out in CD/DVD formats by Integrity Music.

The constant struggle in contemporary worship is finding quality up-tempo praise songs to incorporate in our churches... but you'll find this CD certainly helps with that dilemma! From the opening title track "Endless Praise", you are sucked in and can't help but sing along! This song would be a great opener to a service and one that your congregation could quickly pick up. You may need to lower the key a bit though as most of us human male vocalists can't quite hit the same notes that Joth Hunt is capable of.

The next track "Turn It Up" has a very similiar feel to the opening track and could easily be incorporated as well... although it might lend itself more to youth ministries. The feel is like a modernized "Trading My Sorrows" by Darrell Evans, so if you think it sounds familiar at first, that's probably why. It does have a nice, simple bridge that tones things down momentarily with a cry out to God to inhabit the praise and send down the rain! "Dance" is the next track and is a great declaration song, testifying of all that God has done in your life. With lyrics like "give it up for Jesus" and the more electronic dance vibe, it would certainly lend itself more to younger groups.

Other up-tempo songs continue with track 8 "Praise You Lord". This is a simple song that just about any church could incorporate... with a declaration that He is good! This is followed by "Oh Your Love", which is a bit more electronic and guitar-driven... bringing an energetic shout of praise, thanking God for His love that has brought salvation and freedom. Then track 13 brings "We Are Free", which is a great song of freedom that is also a nice fit for your Easter service!

On the more worshipful side of this project, there is no shortage of powerful songs to lead your congregation straight into the throneroom! Starting with track 4 "No Other Name", you get a simple song declaring that there is no other name like the name of Jesus!

Next is "Made For Worship", which might be my favorite song of this collection. "I was made for worship, I was made for Your embrace... I was made to bless Your name." This song will no doubt quickly become a favorite at your church. It also has a classic Hillsong-like feel, so if you're a Hillsong fan, you may like this track even more! The bridge is an awesome prayer, crying out "Fill me with power and truth; fill me with love from You. You satisfy me."

"Kiss Towards" opens with a period of free worship, overflowing from the previous track, and eventually brings a reprise of "Made For Worship". Next up is "Unto God", which I'm sure many churches will be using regularly. It has a great build up into the bridge, which is a strong anthem of worship! "Our God Reigns" comes next with another very usable worship song for your church, and another great option for Easter services!

Next you get a couple of songs that are crying out for more of God's presence... inviting Him to come in power. "Set Me Ablaze" does this as you sing "Pour out Your Spirit... more of Your presence...", then you move into "Abide With Me" continuing that same desire for more of the Lord. This track is more acoustic in style and easiily pulled off in any worship setting. I personally love the bridge as it sings out "heaven open, glory fall down, fill us once again!"

The last track "Leave Me Astounded" continues in this same direction, singing that Jesus is the only one that satisfies. Again with more powerful lyrics... this one may be my favorite as it drives "We're waiting with worship, we're waiting with praise for the almighty presence of God to invade".

To wrap up, I don't really have anything negative to say about this project. It is very high quality (especially for a live project), high energy, and it brings a fresh new supply of great songs that almost any church can pull from! If you haven't heard this project yet, stop waiting and get it today!

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